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[QUOTE=june789]Hello! all
I'm told I may have RSD. It's been about two months.
First I had bad spasm, needling pain, and aching pain on my left hand and two weeks later on my right hand.
And another week later , I began feeling needling pain and aching pain (no spasm though) on my feet too.
Now I feel pain on my feet when pain is bad on my hands. if my hands are feeling better, I'm symptom free on my feet.
Dr. asked me to get a ganglian block for my left hand. And I'm still not sure if i want the blcok and I'm not sure if the block for only my left hand is right thing when I feel the symptoms on my left hand and feet too.
My emg is normal, and I've done MRI which I don't have result yet.
Topamax and zenaflex made my symptoms worst, now I'm on gabapentina and elavil, but they don't seem to do much to relieve the aching pain.
I feel that maybe I should try combinations of other pills before getting a block, and I am not sure if that is a right thing when I don't exhibit typical symptoms of RSD.
I can use anyone's comment, it is going to help me on deciding on what I will do next.
thank you

below is more detailed story of mine.

It's been about 2 months since I had strange symptoms.
I injured flexor tendon on left thumb, and about two weeks later I had very painful spasm right underneath of trigger point. First, I had spasm and felt the whole hand and arm became cold. The first one seemed to disapear after 6 hours or so. and next day I had second spasm that lasted longer and went to e.r. where I got a muscle relaxtant. Then I began to have a burning pain.
I talked to my hand surgeon and he gave me elavil. I could sleep better with the pill and felt better with the burning pain. Also he asked me to go to the pain clinic. Immediatly I began to get an appointment and earlist I could get was a month later. Within that month, two weeks after the 1st spasm on my left hand, I began having spasm on my right hand. And another week later when I had bad needling pain on my hands, I began having needling pain on my feet too. Basically my symptoms include milder spasms and cramps and needling pain and aching pain which come and go. and while I'm in pain, I notice vasodilation. I don't feel sensitive to gentle touch, but I feel uncomfortable on touches with certain pressure (eg. tapping table with fingers). And my hands were only cold when I had first two bad spasm and they are not cold anymore.
Three weeks ago, I went in for the 1st appointment at pain clinic. There I was told that I don't have typical symptoms for RSD. Dr. gave me topamax, and zenaflex. After taking this medicine, I began to feel needing pain all over my body and aching got worst on my hands and feet. I continued taking them for three days and I stopped. I immediatly felt better after stopping these two pill. Now I'm on gapapentin and still on elavil, but I'm not symptom free.
Dr. also asked me to get a ganglian block for my left hand. but I can't still decide if i want this before trying out any pill combination.
Past couple of days, I began feeling aching pain more constantly. Originally I only had aching pain as a small patch and didn't last more than a minute and it went away. But now I'm getting them more spread and pain is worst when I streach my fingers out.
I have my second appointment tomorrow. I'm still not sure if I want the block?

thanks for reading and I would appreciate any comment.[/QUOTE]
Who is the doctor who is advising you? Is it a neurologist? If they are , I'm sure they wouldn't mind if you got a second opinion.
Also , I take neurontin 300 mg, 3 times a day.
Now for the scary part.. I've had RSD for 2 1/2 years. It quickly spread all over from my right foot to my right leg to my left foot to my left leg and then to my hands , eyes and mouth...I was so bad that my neurologist recommented I try on "off label " drug called Thalidomide...It was used in Canada by women when they were pregnant and their children were born deformed.. it's heavy duty stuff. Well I knew the consequences and many people told me not to be a guinea pig.. but I went ahead and took it. and I'm happy to say I'm back to work and out of my wheelchair and I only use my cane when I go for long trips. I have spasming in my hands and eyes occaisonally but NOTHING like it was...

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