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I'm not sure I belong to this group, but some symptoms seem to fit...though not as severe as many of you.
I had carpal tunnel release in early Feb. on my left hand. I'd had good experience with the release on right hand 12 years ago.

Almost immediately, my index finger, long finger and thumb were swollen way more than the other two fingers. The physicians assistant who I was to see, said it would get better. This went on for two weeks when I got my stitches out. I had followed all after surgery care directions. Those digits were still swollen and now the pad at the base of the index finger was super sensitive to the touch of the splint...I had to put a fleece padding there. Fingers that were swollen were becoming hypersensitive and long finger was numb on one side ( closest to index finger) webspace between thumb and index finger was really sensitive as well. My long finger felt( and feels) like there is something covering it on the one superglue was spilled on it or it has a glove over it when it doesn't. PA's response was the nerves may take some time to regenerate. I kept complaining, but couldn't see orthopedic surgeon for another 3 weeks....( The PA had said I didn't need to come back, ever and that it would get better whether I had pain medication or not)
Orthorpedic surgeon seemed somewhat concerned....had never seen anything like it. After checking with a hand surgeon at conference at Mayo, told me it may be a parasympathetic or sympathetic nerve problem and should resolve in about 3 months. He sent me to PT for desensitization. Hypersensitivity has improved. It was never as bad as getting pain if air touched it...but I would jerk back if something lightly touched it....sometimes would get imaginary stabbing or imaginary touch. I don't jerk away now. Towels were and still are the worst to touch and I still cannot touch paper for very long. Paper is extremely irritating and I have 6 months of business paperwork to do now. I wear a nitrile glove to do many things. When I take a hot bath, my fingertips turn blue not the red I would expect. Half of my long finger turns bluish...the numb side gets pink/salmon.

I'd had a stereotactic breast biopsy last Sept. It is supposed to be a relatively painless procedure. Lidocaine didn't work in deep tissue and I had what I consider unusual pain for 6 weeks post procedure. Left side. It is a procedure in which one is supposed to be able to resume normal activities within 24 hours. Might this be related? I get a no response from Primary caregiver...and surgeon thought I was being a big baby.

Do I have something like RSD....or peripheral neuropathy? ( should I check that list out?) This is driving me nuts. I cannot do many of the things I used to do....any other ideas of what to check out or maybe dr. to see?

Sorry this was so long. I feel bad for many of you. I hope you can be painfree soon.
Many of your symptoms seem to be RSD related. I do not have all the symptoms of RSD and yet when given local nerve block I had such increased pain that they said I had it. Reason I did not get color changed or atrophy is that I exercised in the pool. I would go to a pain management doctor and have him check out the situation and perhaps have a nerve block for the upper extremities - not right in the affected area but in the area that controls the nerves. Have a nerve injection into the affected site can cause more problems. But the spinal one can give you relief and help them decide if your pain is RSD. Nerve blocks as also given for peripheral neuropathy. If you do have RSD time is of the essence as waiting can mean it becomes chronic and may never go away. Don't mean to scare you but you need to push to see pain management doc well versed in RSD. Laura

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