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Hi Sandy, :wave:
I'm so sorry to hear about all that is going on right now, hopefully the blocks will bring some relief. I couldn't imagine raising my kids alone, you are a very strong women and if you can raise kids by yourself you can do anything that includes getting through all this junk we deal with everyday. :) I am so glad to have found this board and wonderful people like you and many others since I am so new to RSD, I look to people on the board for advice and a shoulder to lean on or to just chat. I think because I was diagnosed so early I don't have some of the problems or pain that makes you on the verge of being bedridden, don't get me wrong I have severe pain that would practically bring me to my knees, but I am home with the kiddos and someone always needs something so I try and mentally block out the pain, also I am hoping that because they caught it within the first 6months of getting it I will not have it spread or go through other horrible symptoms others have talked about. As for getting on the computer I try and do it after everyone goes to bed and this is the only way for me to get any info or advice on RSD since alot of the doctors around here don't fully understand it, so I have to go 2 hrs away to a specialist to find out what the next step is, I am so glad you wrote back because you were on my mind, I will keep good thoughts for your next block that you will get the relief you deserve. Have to go for now my oldest is turning 11 tomarrow and I promised him I would make him cupcakes, my husband travels for work so he's gone for 2wks so I'm holding down the fort myself and our son is upset dad is going to miss his B-day, I'll write soon. Keep me informed about your block.

LISA :angel:
Hi Sandy, :wave:

I am sorry you are having all these horrible problems that RSD seems to inflict, How are you doing after your most recent fall? I know from my own experience that balance can be an issue with RSD, I sometimes feel as though I am walking on a slant and can't straighten up. Do you have a good neuro Doctor? Every time I see mine she does a complete exam and part of it includes checking my balance,and if there is a problem and she doesn't have an answer she'll send me to someone who does. I finally got a appt. with a PMD on Sept. 2, and I am still waiting for an appt. with this RSD specialist( like living in daily pain you would want to wait a millenium to see a doctor) anyways if you don't feel like you are being heard or the doctor isn't really listening to you, get another one. It took me 5 tries to find one who actually heard me out and from my symptoms told me I had RSD :eek: , this was one of the most horrible days of my life and one of the best because I knew what I had and I wasn't nuts. :) You have been on my mind also and I am glad we can get comfort from one another, on those good days and especially on the bad. My family is doing great my son turned 11 on 8-10 and my daughter turned 10 on 8-22, How time flies I remember just having them and wondering can I handle this???? Eleven years later the answer is YES and alot more. Hope this post finds you in good health, keep me posted on what the doctor says.

Just wanted to post to you also and thank you for all the good advice, I did have a MRI of the cervical spine on numerous occassions and all was good. I was just recently diagnosed with RSD and bilateral carpal tunnel syndrome with my right side as usual being affected worse to the point of needing surgery, I will have to talk with my PMD about surgery cause I am worried about it spreading. I am still trying to get over a sinus infection that made my symptoms 10x worse, My first appt with my PMD is in a few days hopefully he can shed some light into this nasty disease and I can get some kind of grip on it already. I am only 31 with four kids, I have so many things I want to do for my kids, with them, things I want to do myself, and RSD is the monkey wrench holding it up. But I have faith that GOD will pull me through, This will not beat me. With my faith and strong will hopefully this will help me succeed. I will talk to you guys later!!!
I'll let you know about my appt. Till then Keep Smilen :) and here's to a pain free hour or even better a pain free day.

LISA :angel:

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