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I did some more research and I was curious as to where they (Pain Mgt Dr)say the RSD is? Who Dx her with RSD - what type of Doc? What symptoms is she experiencing with RSD? I researched on Costochondritis and found that the pain is a sharp shooting pain and it waxes and wanes and does not go away. With RSD, you usally get constant burning pains, some may be sharp. I described most of my shooting pains as a hot poker sticking in my eye, face, arm, etc.. Now with Crohn's Disease, My Mother has had it for 20 years, this is a little more complicated. Is her Chron's under control? Once they removed my Mom's large Intestines she has been pain free as far as her stomach, but, there is always a but, She has Chron's in her joints and eyes. Which is causing horrible pain, weakness and Ocular problems.

Let me highlight a little about RSD for you, so that you can understand why all Questions. When I get interested in helping someone you can't stop me.

RSD is brought on by Injury, which she did have, usally it is in a Limb - Hand, leg, knee, elbow, wrist, shoulder, neck, not to say RSD can't happen somewhere else. The pain is a burning feeling and never ending. Most RSD'ers have Temp. Issues. Almost like your Thermostat is broken. If the Temp changes one way or the other, you will either go into a Cold Spell (Bad Goose Bumps, like you have hypothermia) or into Heat Stroke (almost, Feels like it). She will also have some type of sweats, either cold sweats or hot sweats, really bad at night. What about Insomnia? Most of us get it. My best Insomnia Record is 5 days. Holy Moly! Talk about being, Coo Coo. Have they done a bone density on her? I would say the Majority of us, have some type of Bone Loss. What about skin patterns and changes? This is very common.

Please don't think that I am prying, I just want to help and I understand you are a friend and don't have all the info., but something inside of me, is telling me to Question the RSD DX. Have they talk about any type of Ganglion Block, yet? If this is really RSD, she needs to be treated ASAP. No ***** footing around. I was just dx with RSD this year, but I have been suffering for almost 4 years. I am at the point in my RSD where there is no longer treatment for me, only pain management. You will find that this is very common, becuase Docs just don't know enough about RSD, to get a fast DX.

Have a great day!

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