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I am new to this group, but have been suffering with RSD for over 9 years! Developed after my second back surgery for an injury at a local department store. LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOONNNNNNNNNGGGGGGGGGGG story, so won't go there!
I would like to respond to everyone re: Ketamine infusion therapy. I had it done about two weeks ago and it was a very scary thing. I had a very psychotic experience. I felt like I was on the Beatles "Magical Mystery Tour", but never arrived! I remember them telling me to slow my breathing down because I was hyper-ventilating! I felt like I was running through all these bright colored paisley hallways...WEIRD! Anyway, I had read about the treatment in one of my nursing journal magazines and since I have tried so many, many trial meds, blocks, SCS, intrathecal catheter infusion, patches, capsacin creams, acupuncture, massage therapy...................I thought it might work....NOT! I had no relief at all, and actually had an experience a couple of nights afterwards where it seemed like I had a relapse of the "trip"!
I am 52 and basically from my lower right side of my back down to my right foot, I have numbness, tingling, pins and needles, color changes, swelling, hypersensitivity to touch, air, cold, etc..................
Unlike some of the people at this website, Neurontin helps most of all with the nerve pain for me. I also take Amantadine, Soma, Vicodin, Zoloft, and ibuprofen.
I am trying to just maintain as best as I can, and try and stay positive. Thank God for Zoloft and Prozac!!!!

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