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Hi Kim! I haven't been on the boards lately, cause my daughter's right lung collapsed and was hospitlaized for 2 weeks. In April her left lung collapsed & that took 3 surgeries. She's only 17. But she's alive and breathing.
You're post really disturbed me. It kept me reverting back to my baaddd days of RSD boughts. I felt that way for 2 years! I was so sick that I couldn't get out of bed. My immune system was so shot that anytime I went into a Dr's office I would catch something. That would return me to my bed and the pain was so bad I couldn't even eat. Food commercials on TV would make me naseous. It was horrible. I like what dietcoke said about the meltdown part. Have you seen a physcologist? I know the last thing you want is another doctor, but some specialize in pain mangement. They can teach you relaxation skills, breathing and getting things off your chest that an outside person, can do wonders! I learned alot, and after 2 years I felt better. During this time I decided to start a support group for RSD'rs, and met some really neat friends who are in the same boat. Everyone's pain is different, but just like the boards you actually meet these people.
Another great tip to help you get out of your slump, is to put up pics of you befor RSD days, and post 1 on your fridge, your bathroom mirror, your computer desk, etc., and say 1 day I will be happy again. When I was in the hospital with my daughter their were people in there worse than me. One lady couldn't even breathe, and no one visited her. There are people worse than you. Try not to focus the pain. Get up and move slowly. Baby steps. Don't overdo anything. But moving is what we need. It's not good for us to sit or lay in 1 position too long. If your meds aren't working discuss this with your dr., or find one who will listen. From the support group we learned who the good docors were from the ones who kept looking at their watch. I pray that this time will pass>> I still have an occasional funk. Call an old friend and do lunch. God will only let us stand so much pain. This is a monster that has a mind of it's own, the thing not to do is dwell on it. Get your mind off of it. I hope this helps. Keep us all posted. Aloha Skooze

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