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I had epidural for the lower body in the spine and I would think that if yours is for the upper body it would just be at a different place in the spine. They gave me a shot in the arm to make me woosy and then the epidural which did not hurt too much at all. Had to curl in a ball, knees to chest to make it easier to get it in the right space in the spine. I have RSD in my knee but was have a melanoma removed from the same leg which is why I had the epidural. It took away all my pain, incision, RSD, arthritis, for about 3 weeks and when the RSD pain came back it was reduced by at least 30% so it had some long lasting effects. Arthritis pain return to same level. The doctors here will not give me another just for the RSD to see if we can get a further reduction. On Clonmazepam and Gabepentin and Celebrex which keeps the pain at about 20% unless I overdue it when I really suffer. So it is worth it and not too scary. Just be sure not to move when he is inserting the needle. If you do not feel well balanced and semi-comfortable ask to be able to shift your body a little until you are. Good luck. :)

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