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I had a trial version of whats called a radio frequency sympathectomy. And it failed and thats why my doc didnt go through with it perm. I had that done a year and 1/2 ago. And he said that chemical symp. are horrible and is a barbaric treatment for RSD. It will make the RSD spread and if by luck that it gets you pain free it will come back ten fold. My doc that i first saw when i was diagnosed with RSD wanted me tohave this done after i had 6 blocks and they werent lasting longer then 2 hours and sent me to my doc suggesting that i get this done, well i read up on it and from what i read i didnt want nothng to do with it, so thats when i found my current PM doc, bc i went to him for a 2nd opinion and thats what he told me.

Here is some info hope helps.. i dont want to scare you but its a horrible treatment for RSD'ers. I have RSD in my right foot and it has spreadup my leg and into my lower back.. i have 2 stim's implnated and had 2 epidural blocks. If i remember right , you siad that you live in Aust. they have ketamine infusions that are working wonderful and thats the only place right now you can hve this done.. Kate on this board is from Aust. also and had this done and has been pain free for 6 mos. and off all meds...

Sympathectomy is analogous to the act of killing the messenger. The sympathetic nervous system has the critical job of properly controlling and preserving the circulation in different parts of the body, especially in the extremities. By paralyzing the system, the extremity will be more apt to have disturbance of circulation and is left unprotected from fluctuation in circulation.
Sympathectomy is similar to permanently removing the central heat and air-conditioning system and never replacing it because of malfunction.

Sympathectomy permanently damages the temperature regulatory system. The reason sympathectomy does not cause side effects other than ineffective control of pain as well as impotence and orthostatic hypotension is because it is invariably partial and incomplete.

The application of sympathectomy in management of RSD should be strongly discouraged.

Dr. Hooshmand, M.D. has agreat web site that has all the info on this also..

Hope i have helped and not scared you... hope to talk to you more..


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