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Hi to all,
I post on the spinal disorders boards and now need some help here.
For the past 5 weeks I have been having a wierd sensation when I touch paper towels, napkins, newspapers, toilet paper and some clothing. Its almost like the feeling you get when you run your nails down a chalkboard. I just cant stand it and now it is in my feet. I put my hubby's slippers on that are nice soft velour and I wanted to chop off my feet. Terrible feeling that I just can't describe and I dont know what to do. I did post this on another spinal board and they mention RSD. So if anyone has info that would be helpful, please respond. I was going to make an appt. in the am with my neurologist. Would that be the correct type of dr to see?? I am currently on duragesic patches 25mg every 48 hrs, oxycodone as needed, topamax and valium as needed. The topamax was givent to me for burning/stabbing pain in my wrists and hands.
I have had 3 cervical spine and 1 lumbar spine surgery since 2001 and still am not "corrected". Need more surgery but will not have any unless the choice is not mine. 3 failed surgeries is enough for 1 person!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

Thank you for reading.
Well, I dont know where to start. My head is spinning and now this morning when I woke up I couldnt put on my socks. Ugh... I wanted to puke. The feeling is undescribeable. I have also been having a sick stomach for about 1 month and now that I read the symptoms, yes my nails have been very soft. Could that be RSD too??? I called my PM dr. and they gave me a number for a neurologist. I told the receptionist why I needed the number and she said it sounds like RSD, So I guess I am going in the right path. I have been reading all morning and now it is making some sense to me. I have nerve damage and/or nerves that are trapped in scar tissue (adhesions). I know I have extensive amounts of scar tissue because the PM doctor wont touch my neck with any type of needle, even with flourscopy. He told me he would never be able to see and it would be very dangerous. So another reason why I could have developed RSD. The nerves in the area where I have been having a problem since 6/2003 ( c6-7) are now in a large lump that you can actually see and feel. Totally disguesting!!!! The only option I was offered was trigger joint injections for the c-spine and lumbar epidurals. I also still have herniations at the entire lumbar spine, T11-T12, and cervical stenosis at 2 levels

Questions: What happpens in the winter when you cant put on your socks or cant stand them to touch your feet???? I mean, we cant go without socks in the winter. Are there any types of material that anyone has found soothing???

How on earth an I going to tell my husband this one??? He is never going to believe me. Dear Jesus, I am going to need lots of prayers, or I should say...He is....LOL

Bathroom: sorry but cant stand the toilet paper.... baby wipes?????

Thanks for all the replies and advice etc.........
Thanks to all for the welcomes!!!

Can RSD have any effect on dry mouth??? I also got that around the same time as the sensitivity issue with my hands and feet. I did read it can effect your teeth. Amazing cause I just had porcelan veneers done,(pearly whites finally) a root canal and was told I needed an implant. I was blaming the dry mouth from dental work etc... oh... I also had a minor touch of thrush or some type of fungus on my tongue. That went away in 2 days so I didnt go to the doctor. As I mentioned before, I dont know if its hurts because I take alot of pain meds. Topamax for burning pain which works great. I have noticed that my cervical spine has really gotten worse since the beginning of August and I mean really going downhill to the point of waking up from pain while on mega doses of meds.

Anyhow, I got an appt. for 9/22/05 with a neurologist at the hosp. for special surgery in NYC. That is where my pm dr and surgeon are so all my records and fiilms are there for him to see.
Thanks again for all your help. I really needed to vent .


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