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[COLOR=Red]rsd[/COLOR] :wave: hi lori, oh drye mouth :eek: for this i chew a lot of gum ,whaterever works right .i also have drye eye syndrome,and i use drops three times a day the drye mouth i have had since the start of my rsd hell :eek: two months ago i was told i had drye eye,and they are just another kick in the rsd butt :nono: i am not sure if the drye mouth is caused from the rsd itself or the meds :confused: you asked what my rsd symptoms were so here is the list from the beginning .first of all my rsd evolved from two needle injections into my left arm one being a flu shot and the other a booster shot for phenmoina,last dec 5 2004 by christmas iwas right into rsd ,and my fm dr of 25 yrs was not even listening to me :nono: can you beleive it?? :rolleyes: it wasn't until i ended up in his office in jan 2005 crying & screaming in pain did he finally realize that there was something really wrong , iha d a frozen shoulder, burning stabbing pains runing upand down my arm into my wrist and my hand,also i had burning pain radiating from uner my left arm right across my left breast and my chest wallit was so painful i could not even dress myself ,could not stand to wear a bra even,also i could not even put a coat on by myself i think i told you what meds iam on but i have also had about 50 stellate ganglion blocks as well :nono: iam the women you would see on the street in 90 degree weather wearing a sweater ,inever leave the house without on as i get cold very esaly and i cannot be in acwell enough about me so how are you doing?? i hope you are getting the proper meds to help with your rsd hell :eek: well iam getting tired lori i think i will try and get some rsd sleep lol keep me updated , wishing you a somewhat painfree wk end sandy canada

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