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Ahhhhh! I hate when Doctors do that. Before you let this guy get your hopes down, go see a Pain Management Doctor, one that SPECIALIZES in RSD. I have gotten more help from one PMD than I have from the other 13 Docs. combined. (Post your City and State and I will do some research for you)

" Remember, you came to me, I didn't come to you." <~~ Ah! run as fast as you can. When Docs tell me that I don't get pissed, I just finish out my Appt. and never see them again. A good PMD Doc will help you through it, Yes! I do have unrelenting pain, but it sure helps to know your Doc is there. It is not an easy task, but once you find one, you feel comfortable not being alone, because you know someone with knowledge of RSD is there.
I don't know much about you. Have you seen a PMD? Have you had any blocks? You only have RSD in the hand? How long have you have been experience these symptoms, 8 months right?

I had a Cervical Block done about 2 weeks ago and I have been at a 3 since. I am using my left arm and hand, so much now. My Muscles are sore, in a good way. I will have an Occipital Block, next week, to try and stop the head and facial pain.

I use to be on 3600 mg of Neurotin. I have been off of it for 2 years and I still have visual problems (I don;t think it is realted). Bright lights are death. Now I know how a Deer in the Road feels! :O) I can't drive at night, because one, the lights of the oncoming traffic blinds me, then the Double Vision is awful, cause I feel like everyone is in my lane and the Blurred vision, just sucks! I learned that there is a clusters of Nerves that come from C1,2,& 3 and into the head and face, these nerves fiddle with your sight, smell, and hearing. So, maybe it has something to do with RSD.

Well, have a good weekend and I hope you are pain free, as I am not :O(
I am pushing a strong 12, today.


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