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Pregabalin is supposedly more potent than Gabapentin so a smaller dose is required for a similar effect supposedly the dose-related side effects will be fewer. Sounds promising.

I've been on Gabapentin for 5 1/2 years, and every few months I curse it for the foggy brain it gives me and I mutter that it doesn't help anyway as I still have pain. Then I typically come off it gradually and find that my pain increases so have to conclude it really [U]was[/U] helping me, to at least some degree.

Shall have a word with my gp re doing a swop with these two drugs maybe. I'd love to get my brain back :confused: !!!

Has anyone tried Pregabalin (Lyrica)?
[COLOR=Red]rsd[/COLOR] :wave: happybunny, i haven't tried the drug lyrica myself as yet but i was at my gp's office this wk and he brought up the subject of me taking lyrica he told me that he has another patient with rsd that is on it and she is very happy being on it and she is 80 yrs old lolanyway the drug is supposed to decrease rsd pain by 50 percent so i am considering changing my meds also as it would not hurt to try something that can cut down on the pain by 50 you did not mention where rsd has affected you mine started in myarm shoulder dow into my wrist and my hand and now it is spreading in my right buttock and down myright leg and into my toes iam on the duregesic patche that was incereased to 75 mcg at my last gp appt also i take clonazapan for muscle spasams and morphine sulphate for bt pain i do think it is worth trying the new drug lyrica i am just waitng for my dr to get some in for me to try because it is very expensive hope i have helped you a little wishing you all the best sandy chick58 :angel:
:bouncing: YES! YES! YES! I have been on Lyrica for nine days after being on neurontin for over a year. I can't express the change in me. The pain has decreased some, but more importantly I feel like the old me. Yes I still have some pain, but the depression and despair have gone. I am so pleased! I haven't posted in a while becaused I had really gotten to the point where I was just surviving, not living. Lyrica has given my life back! The pain has been reduced to its lowest in 11/2 years. I call it my nerve block in a bottle, because the residual pain is a low as it is after a nerve block. I have hope again, and the energy to fight to find even better treatment. This is just my experience, I hope that everyone can't get this much relief. Two weeks ago I woke up every morning to pain and despair. Now I'm just holding my breath hoping this result continues.
:confused: I printed out the information on Lyrica and took it to my PMD, he looked at it and gave it back shaking his head no saying "it was something totally different and would not help in all cases for RSD? :confused: maybe someone can help clear this up..Lyrica looks so promising...

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