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Hi Kim--sorry about alol the misery they put us through in order to get some relief for any amount of time. I'd pole valult some of them if I could ;)

About trigeminal neuralgia and optical headaches-- What makes you think you might have jaw pain? Do you have jaw pain? When I had my last full body bone scan, my LEFT jaw showed up big time, and my RSD is in the upper left extremity. Yes I have a lot of jaw pain along with dental problems in the upper left extremity. I just wonder how the 2 are connected? I know RSD can spread into the myofacial region, & I have a neuromuscular masusse who used to realign my jaw everytime she worked on me. Since I closed my work comp case, I can't afford her :( !
However I'm dealing with a biopsy issue that developed in my MRI's of the neck, the origin of the RSD, & after the bone scan, and the possible tumour on my last MRI, my dr. says you can have jaw cancer. I've read alot about trig. neuro. and it being mistaken for RSD. I do get headaches in the eye area or should I say forehead, and I used to get migranes do to my hypoglycemic.
The pain would be so bad that I didn't want to eat, which in turn was a vicious cycle, cause I'd have low blood sugar and get migranes.
My question to you is do you have alot of dental problems on that side as well, and are your optical headaches on both sides, or more on one side than the other. I know all we need is more problems on top of this monster, but I think that they are all somehow related.
I hope that your blocks work. Mine never did--it was too late, but I screamed in the hospital just lke you did where they could hear you. My kids once asked me which was worse-- RSD or having a baby. Which I replied having a baby cause in 18 hours it's over with. Good luck & keep us posted. Aloha Skooze :)

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