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[QUOTE=feelbad]Jeanne,just where IS your pain located?if they ruled out RSD,just what have they told you?Marcia[/QUOTE]

Marcia. On the reports I have from Mayo, final diagnoses were : Left hand pain, most likely related to carpal tunnel syndrome and/or remodeling.

She does have allodynia in region in question. Bone scan showed no evidence of RSD changes.
Pain, but mainly hypersensitivity is located in web space between thumb and index finger, pad at base of index finger, most of index finger, except very tip on thumb side, numbness on index side of long finger ( located between first and second joints on that finger) and also hypersensitivity on that side. Ring finger is fine as is the ring finger side of long finger. Also, if I lightly press on median at wrist, pain is felt in the tips of the two affected fingers. I hate touching paper and towels. These symptoms are not what I had for carpal tunnel syndrome prior to the surgery. The hypersensitivity is much less since the therapy last spring.ONe side of my thumb was affected, but it is o.k. now...I do get varied color from one side to the other on the long finger. The affected side remains pink...good side is bluer, like my other fingers in hot water.( yea, they all should be pink). That used to be evident at therapy last spring too, but I don't have color changes that drastic now. I wear a nitrile glove to do most things. I basically run a commercial goat dairy and have been doing most of the work yet....but am falling behind. This really is draining. I am looking at having to sell out and that is very upsetting too.

The EMG showed nerve problem on left hand. Mayo doc said it is old nerve damage. I don't know what EMG was last fall, before surgery. Neurologist who did EMG said there isn't any evidence for a "superimposed left cervical radiculopathy",so it isn't coming from my neck. Mayo doc wrote to my Primary doctor that "it would be well worthwhile to have her continue on her Neurontin, and if she continues to have side effects, that she could be switched over to potentially, Lyrica. Mayo doctor told me that basically my pain was in my head. Someone on a list mentioned that that might mean nerve memory, but I don't remember having these symptoms before. With carpal tunnel, I could shake my hand and would have normal feeling for awhile.
He also recommended I go for an evaluation to see if I was a candidate for Pain Rehab...a three week outpatient program so I can learn to live with this. Of course they want me. But then I would have to get up 4 hours earlier to get chores done and drive an hour to all day sessions. And I think, luckily(?) for me, they said they have a 6 week waiting list. So I didn't sign up.
I haven't heard from Dr. Falconer's office yet. Please say some prayers, that he will see me and maybe can do something or recommend something other than learning to live with this.

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