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There are varying degrees of CRPS and RSD and there are people who recover. Unfortunately, the people who hit boards such as this are people who have it bad. I had it bad for months and then they hit the right drugs for me and I started back at the pool and it has been tolerable unless I overdo it. I still come to the boards to help others as I was helped when I had my worst flareups and it spread to my other limbs. Get the blocks, keep your affected limbs moving, go to physio or exercise in the water and perhaps you too will find your pain levels diminish. I also know that I live with the possibility that I will hit my affected knee and have a major flareup. I have also been told that I should not have a knee replacement as minor surgery to the calf caused major flare-up so there are long term reprecussions no matter what, but I do believe if you catch it early and exercise in spite of the pain, you will desensitize the area somewhat and the drugs will take care of a great deal if you find the right ones. Laura.

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