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[QUOTE=deepsouth]In the Netherlands, DMSO is required protocol for RSD. They claim it has a good success rate, but they use it early in the disease. My wife is using it with her ketamine cream to help carry the ketamine into the tissue.

She is also taking MSM (derivative of DMSO) orally. So far we haven't seen any improvement but what we've read about it says it could take months to get benefit, especially if not early in the disease.[COLOR=Blue]Unfortunately, the most of us live in the States and are limited on New Treatment.I have never heard of DMSO. As far as the Ketamine, is really not an option here in New Mexico. My doc has mentioned it, but it was more shop talk. There was an Article about the Ketamine Infusion in our local paper and if you want it you have to go to Germany, along with 30 grand[/COLOR]

We are really willing to try anything if it will only give her some relief. I'd be perfectly happy to pay a witch doctor to shake a rattle in her face and spit rum on her if it would relieve her pain (don't think my insurance would cover that)! Placebo? Hey, if it works, I'll take all ya got![COLOR=Blue]I agree, I will stand on my head, yelling Monkey! LOL[/COLOR]

Is there a way to send private messages to posters on this board, or maybe provide contact information? I'd like to hear from anyone who has advice that they may not want to share in a public forum like this.[COLOR=Blue]I wish we had the option to contact eachother. I have missed out on some good friendships. You will find that we are pretty open here and we really don't hold back, including myself. If I find a way around it, I will let you know ;O) [/COLOR][/QUOTE]


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