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You can get DMSO and MSM online from tons of companies in the US. They are both perfectly legal here. If you believe what the people who sell them say, either one will cure what ails you! Lots of hype, but little hard, unbiased information. If you have patience, you can find the occasional website that doesn't have a stake in selling the stuff and get some reasonable information. Both seem to work well for arthritis and the MSM is supposed to be good for fibromyalgia. Vets in the US have been using both for years on dogs and horses with good results for joint/inflamation problems.

I do know that my shoulder, which I injured in May 2004 didn't improve (maybe got worse) for over a year until I started taking some anti-inflamatory herbs (turmeric and ashwagandha), as well as MSM (orally and gel topically). I recently began using the DMSO on my shoulder and it seems to be more effective than the MSM gel. With this treatment the pain is about 90% gone.

That said, I don't have RSD. I'm just too stubborn to admit my age and I occasionally do something my body objects to.

If anyone is interested, the Dutch use 50% DMSO cream topically on the affected area about 3-5 times a day. You can buy DMSO in 99, 70 or 50% preparations. We found that 70% gel will burn and itch at the same time if you use much of it. If you wet the skin first, the 70% seems to be ok. I recently got some 50% liquid DMSO and it doesn't burn at all, and works well for me.

If your doc will prescribe it, you can get ketamine cream for topical application in the States, but I don't think you can get it for oral consumption here.

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