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:angel: :wave: there is no need to be emberessed here ,all of us that are on the strong meds have this problem iam on duegesic patche 75mcg, morphine sulfate,and clonazapan all of these drugs causes constipation senekot is good to take and i am taking bisacodyl they both work great for me but the biscacodyl is cheaper these are two drugs you might want to try wishing you all the best sandy chick58
Hello there, I too suffered from constipation. Two things I did, one took Prodemin which is granular metamucil with Senekot coating and $13.00 for a large jar in Canada. Take a large tablespoonful followed by 6 ounces of water just after supper. Works overnight. After a while I could cut back to a teaspoon. The other was I started to drink an eight ounce glass of cold water upon rising before doing anything else and especially before coffee which is a diaretic and strips your bowel of the fluid it needs to soften things. In fact many of the drugs we take act as diaretics which is why we need to drink more water during the day. Together they work like a charm and unless I forget one or the other, I do not get constipated any more. Even if you just use the Senekot mentioned previously, try the water trick. It quite amazing. Laura.

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