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[COLOR=RoyalBlue]Hi Necie,

As Claire said, the blocks are a way of trying to put the RSD into remission. The meds, pump, SCS help with the pain, but don't really help put it into remission. I've had tons of blocks (lumbar, mostly because it started and is predominantly in my legs). They helped for an hour or two, but that's it. Some people get much more relief than I did so you never know. It's worth a try!

Getting the pump would probably help you get off most of the meds you're taking. I was taking 600 mgs of MS Contin before I got the pump. One of the good things about the pump is the meds don't go through your system. They go directly to the spinal canal so there are not really any side-effects. From my experience, I don't think you're at the point where you'd want to try a pump because it sounds like you haven't had any blocks yet. As I said in your other thread, this was years ago and maybe things have changed, but I went through many other things (blocks, meds, etc) before I got to the pump.

As far as the diabetes, I have Type 1 since I was 12 and have had RSD since I was 15.

I hope some of this helps you. I know it's a hard road to navigate and there are a lot of great people here so hopefully, at least one of us will be able to help you a bit.

Sharon :)[/COLOR]

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