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Hi Necie,

Thanks for asking how I'm doing. Much better today mentally but, physically, it's the same old crap. You said that you had gotten back on Neurontin and that you were foggy. Did you happen to see what some folks wrote about the new drug Lyrica? It sounds like it works better for pain relief and may not leave you as foggy. What pain meds are you taking, and do they take away the pain? So far, they haven't given me anything that takes the pain away. If anyone out there is getting some relief, please share with me what you are taking.

I finally got out of the house tonight and went to dinner with my husband and his son who is visiting us from Chicago. We took our sixteen year old granddaughter with us, too, and really had a nice time at a Mexican restaurant. We are raising our granddaughter, and I'm hoping to get in better shape to be there for her. She is a really cool kid, and we love having her live with us. She suffers from post dramatic stress disorder because of living with an abusive father and mother. She is going to need me to be in good shape, so I'm hoping the doctors will be able to help me.

Wishing everyone a pain-free day,

Hi Sansy,
Im sorry to hear you had such a bad me...all of us do..i also take oxycontin...and for me as well..its not what its cracked up to be. But the lifesaver for me in the last 3 weeks has been the new drug Lyrica. Let me share my experience with you. I tried neurontin...and could not tollerate the side affects....not only was there such a foggy affect...but i couldnt stand the nightmares that went along with it either. Lyrica has been an awesome drug for is amazing at how it helps me with the burning pain that is so very hard to treat. The only drug I have ever been on that would help that was methadone....I dont care for the long term side affects of that my doc switched me to oxcontin and oxycodone for pain instead. Now...Im not gonna tell u I had no affects from the lyrica...but I will tell you they were tolerable,....and did go away in just a few days!! Now theres something to cheer about huh? LOL. The only real thing I felt honestly from Lyrica was I felt "ditzy"...(and forgive me all you blondes out there)....but being a brunetter myself..I was teasing my Dr....i told her....maybe I felt a little blonde...and maybe just a tad bit dizzy as these only lasted maybe 3 days and then they came back again when I increased the Lyrica as prescribed....then they went away again in a few short days. So in my experience I would deffinately say the side affects were minimal and they went away in a very short time...worth every "ditzy" moment. The burning pain, if there very infrequently, is cut down but 75%...I would say thats a huge success....NOONE is going to take my Lyrica away from me hahaha.
And by the way...I was curious...since I answered your "embarrassing question" post....did you get any relief? did you try the suggestions i had? how are you doing in that aspect?...remember...we all take pain meds..most of us probably have some sort of issue like that...but oxycontin is one of the worst for that...since I did find my solution...i was wondering if it worked for you as well.....hoping today finds you feeling a little better....Claire
Hello Claire,

Thanks for writing. I got the Walgreen's brand of Senekot S. Took 2 the first day--nothing happened. Took 3 the second day--nothing happened. Will take 4 tonight and hope something happens. If that doesn't work, I'll have to drink a lovely bottle of cherry flavored mag. citrate. It's getting anymore that the citrate is the only thing that will move me. Since I am getting so little relief from the oxycontin, I was really interested in what you said about the methadone. Since the oxy doesn't work for me, do you think that the methadone might work? I am willing to try anything at this point. I'm definitely asking doc about the Lyrica because I've read so many good things about it. I'm almost afraid to as the doc about methadone because I don't want him to think that I'm some crazed druggie or something. You know what I mean? I realize there are folks out there that may want to get buzzed but all I want is pain relief!! Lots and lots of pair relief!!!!! As I said before, I don't know how much more of this pain I can handle. It's a fricking nightmare.

Thank you so much for sharing some of your wisdom. It is really appreciated. Wishing you a great day.


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