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Hi Wanda..yes it's wonderful to make it through a IME exam it can be very fearful and stressful..I had my IME exam nearly a yr ago the Doctor was very kind and very much to the point that was at hand!! I had already been told by three other drs I had RSD but you got to follow the rules of workmans comp..The funny thing about the whole visit was his office was in Beverly Hills not a problem but it had been raining for days out here in ca so my partner and I thought we would leave early enough (4 hrs) and just take in some sites till the appointment..We got our dictions from mapquest and we were off and running! We'd be there in 40 mins :bouncing: For some reason mapquest gave us 3 different freeways to get on where as we only needed one as we found out later! I had thought it was weird but I had''nt been to Beverly Hills in 10 yrs so I just figured the freeways changed :confused: Wanda it took us 3 hrs to get there I had been in and out of the car a dozen times trying to find out where this freakin Doctors office was!! TALK ABOUT GETTING STRESSED!! By the time I finally got there and met with the doctor I was a mess!! hair was a reck!! In his report he refer to me as a 46 yr old ungroomed female!!! :eek: OMG!! anyways the point is the IME was very detailed in his exam and stressed in his report I get cousling ASAP in regrads to mental condition resulting in RSD. Now from what I understand once the IME sends his report to Workman's comp, WC is suppose to approve what ever treatments the IME request right away! I have only gotten two blocks as of two months ago and finally next week I will see a couslor for depression..I have no idea when I will get the 3rd block I need they denied it twice already..The new California WC laws are making it hard to get treatment right away so the result is at least in my case my condition has worstened and my chance of remission is very slim at this point..I hope your able to get your treatment right away I don't know about you but I was glad I went to see the IME and I'll go again if told to without fear this time!! Take care and hope your pain is low.

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