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Hi Amanda,

I am in my 3rd year of haveing RSD in my right foot and leg. I have had many blocks and epidural infusions and i now have 2 stims implanted and with all that even my RSD is worse then ever! My doc also never gave me anything stronger then Lortab. I am on Lortab 10/750 and i take them 2 every 4-6 hours. But they dont work as with you. My doc did just give me a Rx for a duragesic patch, and it helped with the pain alot but i had a side effect of itching so i had to discontinue it. But his reason why not to give me aynthign stronger then the Lortab is that with RSD pain , it doesnt respond to regualr pain meds. Thats why they have you take the neurtonin and those kind of drugs becuase they will acutally treat the nerve pain we have. There is no narcotic to treat nerve pain and thats why we are always in pain, yes you can be in less pain if your doc gave you like a morphine type drug , but thats not really working on the RSD part of it. And plus heavy narcotics hurt the liver really bad, and since you are pretty young thats porb another reason why. liver damage is irreversable and you dont want that on top of RSD too..

Hope i have helped and also to let you know that you are not the only one out there that doc wont give you anything stronger. I have called my doc's office and begged them to give me something stronger but they wouldnt. So hang in there and look forward to talking to you more!!


PS, where are you ?? Im in upstate NY
One of the posters said they stopped Duragesic because of itching, i just thought you should know that itching is a normal side effect of opioid/opiate painkillers. It doesnt mean your allergic or having a bad reaction, most people do itch when taking pain medications. Just though you should know that. Good luck getting some relief from this horrible health problem you have. I wish you all the best. I have a condition which is totally different and i've been extremely ill, and unable to work, go to school, go out to the store, get my haircut, shop. I've been unable to do anything except lay in bed and I have not gotten any pain relief whatsoever. If you are desperate and suicidal because of the pain, you could always try methadone. Methadone is good for pain that traditional painkillers can't treat. Morphine, Oxycodone(percocet), Hydrocodone(vicodin/lortab), Hydromorphone(dilaudid), and Fentanyl (Duragesic patch/Actiq lollypop), are not very good for the type of pain you all suffer from. Methadone is different from these drugs in a couple of ways. One way is that methadone lasts approximately 24 hours per dose, and it also differs in another way which makes it special. It seems to work well on pain that isn't responsive to traditional opiate therapy. So basically, Lortab, morphine, percocet are not effective for the pain you suffer from, but Methadone is more suitable for it. It is good for painful diabetic neuropathy and I think it would be helpful for some of you. It is a very strong drug so it's not something you would want to start taking if you havent tried everything else. Exhaust all other options before turning to methadone because it's very habit forming and strong. I would suggest trying all of the anti-seizure medications first and then traditional opiates like lortab, morphine etc, and then once you have run out of options and nothing has worked, try methadone. It lasts very long and is taken once, twice, or three times a day depending on your dose. It's as effective as morphine. This is the medication they give to heroin addicts and people addicted to codeine,lortab,percocet and other opiates. But it is more increasingly being used for pain. People avoid it because of it's relation to heroin addiction and treatment of heroin addicts. It is a really valuable tool for chronic pain and conditions such as RSD, so if you can try it, ask your doctor. If you get it, don't take more than your supposed to. Doses of more than 40mg or even less than 40mg have been known to kill people. Your doctor will likely start you off on 10mg twice a day or 20-30mg once a day.

Also, unlike all of the other narcotic medications, Methadone does not cause liver or kidney damage. People with hepatitis and other liver problems can take it and not suffer any adverse effects. It's the only painkiller than does not effect the liver or other organs. It is simply stored in fat. Thats why it lasts 24 hours.
It can also be good because you wont feel the ups and downs of instant release narcotics. It's very smooth because it lasts all day consistantly and you wake up with it still in your system so you dont feel so ill that you can't get out of bed. If anyone has taken morphine or oxycodone they know that there are uncomfortable ups and downs and that even the continuous release pain medications dont really last as long as they are supposed to.

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