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I posted recently about Lyrica saying that I started it at 75 mg and quit taking my other drugs cold turkey. Wrong. Dizzy and just not thinking straight and the pain was relieved the first day but came back. Doctors instruction now are to take 2 Lyrica, one morning, one afternoon, and take 1/2 the gabapentin and 1/2 the Clonazepam I was on. Have done this for the past 4 days and am happy to say, very little pain left and it has also help with my arthritis pain so I take less Celebrex. I believe the plan is to do this for 2 weeks, go back and then I will take three Lyrica 75 mg and drop to 1/3 the other drugs and finally a week later i will stop them all together. Doctor says stopping the Clonazepam cold turkey for two days was what made me so dizzy. I am a little dizzier than usual right now but he says that will wear off once I get used to the Lyrica. Here's hoping. Laura.

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