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Aloha everyone! A Friday night and we are all finding solace in this board! Funny 9 years ago I'd be planning to out. I'm only saying this, because my 18 year old daughter, who just got out of rehab, had her Love of her life move back here from Chicago, and they are climbing the walls with nothing to do. Made me think of the the pre- RSD days! ;)
Anyhow I've been reading about the new drug Lyrcia ( spelling?) on this board and when I asked my doctor she never heard of it, and she's only 33, but knows RSD. Her speciality is diabetes. Anyhow when I saw my daughter's dr. I asked him, and he knew all of it, and has prescribed it to patients with shingles, and neuropathy, and diabetic pain patients. I was shocked that he was so knowlegeable. I thought maybe it wasn't approved for the US. So my question is is anyone taking it, that had been on NeROTTIN (Neurontin) and does it have the same side effects. When I was on Neurontin, I never walked into so many walls or felt like I couldn't think, or I'd be driving and forget where I was going!! :dizzy: Yes I was one dizzy blonde!
My daughter's dr. said it works for nerve pain and it would be worth trying for my RSD. Makes me wanna think about switching Dr's, too. So all you fellow RSD'rs, has any of you tried the two drugs? Are the side efects the same? Does it work on nerve pain? The stabbing , burning, knife-like pain that never goes away? Any input would be great. Hope all of you at least reminisced for a second of what it was like to be 18 on a Friday night! LOL Aloha Skooze :)

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