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Aloha Claire! Sorry to see you in so much pain :o My RSD at one point spread to my lower left leg where I cringed when I had to walk. And the cold weather made it even worse. I started walking on the right foot to compensate, and then that leg went numb. They both do, still occasionally, especially when I have to go to the bathroom in the middle of the night. My daughter has found me many a times not able to move. Now I have my cane beside my bed, so I don't have to wake her. It will be interesting to see what your doctor has to say on Monday. Have you tried going to the Pfizer website to see what the side effects are? I was so gung ho on this idea, that I haven't even checked this out. You saved me from getting that script! :angel:
I hope it makes others to realize that it's not cracked up to what it is supposed to be. Has anything else changed since you started taking this? Increased sweating or lack of sleep, depression, radical temperature changes or more swelling especially in the lower extremity? Are you taking any herbal supplements? I tell my doctor of any supplements that I take, to get a perspective if they are a waste or not. I recently started Graviola and I seam to be more perky and move more easily. The downsize is I tend to overdue it, and come home exhaused. Or maybe it was the gas price that went up to $4 a gallon here, and I combined all my trips into one day. It takes me 2 days to recoup after that! :confused:
Anyhow I would think that a drug would stay in your system for at least a week more, even though you've been only on it one month! Drink lots of water to try and flush it out. You are in my prayers deat, and hang in there. Aloha Skooze :)

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