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:wave: Aloha Hubbard. I finally caught my breath. I was getting Healthboads withdrawls and this is the first time I got to sit down in a week. In fact I had the whole reply to thread typed & I pushed the wrong button & I have to start all over :rolleyes:

Thank you and everyone else for your prayers for my daughter whose lung has collapsed for the 3rd time this year. In fact we just had a meeting at Social Security this morning, & this is helpful to all I hope, that since her father died less than a year ago, and she was receiving survivor benefits until August when she turned 18, that she is elegible for SSDI, with no waiting period, on her Dad's nickle & there is now waiting period because she is already in the system.She just sneezed and her lung collapsed for the 3rd time this year. She can't even work cause her Dr's say repetive motions or standing will make her lung collapse again. Imagine being 18 and qualify for SSDI! :bouncing: She will get $900 till she is 21, that's 4 years, and she can work and get that as long as she doesn't make more tha $800 a month. It was alot of hard work and stress whenever she went in the hospital cause my 13 year old would be jealous tha I was spending tooo much time with her & not enough time with her. I don't know how I do what I do. I read that 10% of us RSD'rs are Type A personalities and the rest are Type B. Meaning 10% of us can't sit still, where the other 90% are passive. Which would be me. That's why work comp tried to prove that I didn't have RSD and it was all in my head, because of those MMPI tests read. :blob_fire Yeah it's all in my head---NOT!

Yesterday, I dropped a 50 pound box on my left hand & I cried for an hour straight. It was on fire and the knuckles started to swell. Right now
I curse my teenager's sometimes, but if it wasn't for them I couldn't drive. I even let my 13 year old drive an errand yesterday.

Anyhow Hubbard, Back to the herbal suppements. I take milk thistle to clean out the liver, because us RSD'rs taked so much narcotics, unless you are on SCS pump which bypasses the organs. The Graviola is good to take to boost the immune system, which RSD weakens as well. I take 2 / 600mg. capsules a day. The NNoni jusice you do need to refrigerate, and I take I big Tablespoon, followe by a quick glass of juice at lunch. It's nasty tastin but so good for you. I thin in tha you feel the effects in about 3 days. Some aqre comercially produced, adn the good ones are orgainic, which is better. I can help you find the the right brand. I know the 1 that they sell at KMart here is ver popular here and not that expensive.

Many Mahalos for your kind suppport and parayers. You have a very big heart :) I woory about that NeROTTEN drug! :eek: 4000 mg a day. Wow that drug made me crazy. It was when I was so bedridden in pain that I could care ledss if I lived or I died. And I'm not a suicidal person. I hope the Lyrica helps you, but I've read differnet things here, but every body's diferrent. If it agres with you're chemistry than you go!
Speaking of tired I'm starting to nod out here, and sorry Articopa and Sharon for not even opening your guy's threads! There is aways tomoorow. Time I gfive my body it's rest. Without sleep how do we ourselves.
Sweet Dreams Aloha Skooze :wave:

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