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Aloha Dailyfan--You sound like you have the same type and area of RSD that I do. For one this clinic doesn't know beans. Who are these Yeyhoo's? :confused:
First of all the injury you have is similar to mine in the the upper left shoulder, the elbow the left wrist t, the left hand, which turns red white, and blue, and the neck where I had surgery. The neck and shoulder area have that burning, stabbing , knife-like pain where it felt that someone ripped out my left hand (like a Barbie Doll) and put it in crooked. Sound familiar? The reason you don't have the pain in your left hand that is ice cold is cause the nerves are misfiring at the C5-6-7 area. You may not feel pain per say, -- but I bet they are numb, ad difficult to move. My shoulder and rotator cuff area was on fire and painful too. In fact my accupuncturist, dropped me , because my shoulder area was so swollen and inflamed, that he couldn't even stick a needle in it anymore! That was when I quit working too. The job, wasn't letting me heal. I was scared being a single mom and raising 2 kids on my own with a deadbeat dad. But it all worked out fine. You should apply for SSDI benefits ASAP. The clock starts ticking when you apply and you have a 6 month waiting period.
As far a s your meds go, according to the RSD manual, the best antidepressent out there is amitriptyline. I take 50 mg at bedtime to help me sllep. It's actually the cheapest med I take. $5 for a one month supply.
I would definitly find a new pain management dr. and I too, have been kicke out of PT for 4 times straight. Think of it as a blessing. I called PT pain and torture. Especially if they don't know what they are doing or talking about.
Get a referral as someone else mentioned. No pain no gain does not apply to us RSD'rs. These people could seriously hurt you and make you worse. Find someone who knows what they are doing.
It's hard to work and have RSD, so it's something to think about. Work can cause stress, which can inflame the RSD. :nono:

Thanks Sharon for your reply. I don't want to go back there again this year or next year. But my daughter's surgeon says her right lung still sounds uneven in her breathing. ^Tomorrow I'll find out when they do the chest Xray.

Aloha to all and take time and pamper yourself during this holiday season.
Aloha Skooze who's about to snooze. :) :)

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