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Re: How long....
Dec 20, 2005
I would like to add to my previous comments. Please keep the affected limb mobile. It will certainly hurt to move it but if you do not it, the muscles will atrophy and it will make it even harder to recover. I could not do any dry land exercise because I had arthritis on top of the RSD or CRPS so I went to the pool with a flotation belt and did acquasize in deep water. It helped both the arthritis and the RSD. I am more sensitive to heat than cold so the cool water was good for me but if you are the opposite find a warm pool. I can now do a complete acquasize program and stretch for 10 minutes in water up to my chest after. (stretch very important to keep muscles and ligaments long or you will have more pain). My muscle tone is actually better than before. (6 years now) I still have RSD or CRPS and still take drugs but I have only 20 -30% of the pain I had at its worst and as long as I do not overdue it, I get along very well. There were days in the beginning when I thought I would never walk across a room without screaming. I do not use ice but I do use cold packs wrapped in cloth if I have been on my feet a lot, and because I am super sensitive to heat and was supersensitive to the clothes (gone now), they have worked for me and have not made things worse. RSD patients react differently to different stimuli. You have to find what works for you. Keeping mobile and stretching I believe is the key to my improvement. Sitting around for 3 months just caused it to get worse and worse. Good luck.

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