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Hi Marcia! :wave:
That was a very good explanation on the seziure meds. I am impressed. What you did is let others see, that diffferent drugs work on different people, but you explained why. I never knew--or thought about the seizure meds and the RSD being linked in that way, but it does make sense. I've never heard of Gabitril, but I could see doing a low dose at bedtime to help you sleep, if it worked.
Another good point that you brought up--AND I think this is very important for all of us--is that the doctor's tend to increase our doses way to quick. Our body never has time to adjust to the med. This is not about seizure meds in particular--but all meds in general. I myself am finding that the drug I miss the most and notice the most missing is my Soma. If I don't take it as prescribed, and they look so much like my percs for breakthrough, that my digits--yes all hands and toes become NUMB! :eek: No amt. of pain med can calm down the pain once it starts, just time. But thank you for pointing out the reason they try to prescibe seizure meds for RSD pain. I just had such bad, rather horrible results, kinda like a person allergic to seafood, that I don't think they could pay me to take one again. But I have an open mind, ;) and will see how others fare. That's why I posted the thread is Lyrica better than Neurontin! Take care Aloha Skooze Aloha Skooze

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