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Hi Doris! There are different dosages and doctor's that prescribe neurontin for nerve pain, but they are not approved for RSD. Pfizer the drug company got slapped with the 2nd biggest lawsuit for promoting a drug for off label uses. It was only approved for shingles and in cojunction with seizure medication. If you read some past posts, some ave good luck , but many do not. I felt like I was drunk 24/7. I walked into more walls, slurred my voice when I talked, and was so depressed I could care if I lived or died. I nicknamed the drug Ne ROTTEN! :jester: . For some on the board, they had alot of weight gain as well, but I have a high metabolizim. Different meds work different for different people, and I along with 8 others in my support group could not tolerate that drug. So read the side effects, & if you know of any of them you have, talk to your doctor. Call Phizer up yourself and ask them if it is approved for RSD/CRPS!
I guess now they came out with a new drug called Lyrica, which is similar, but due to my daughter's 4th collapsed lung this year, I haven't been around much. I don't want to see that hospital at all this year! I don't know whom it killed more--her or me! Hope this helps--Aloha Skooze :)

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