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Hi Sealover! :)
Welcome to the world of wc! :rolleyes: It's a wicked game of chess that they have the power. I too saw sooooooooo many doctor's, that it was my full time job! :dizzy: :mad: They do this on purpose so that you will try to close your case, because their job is to break you down! My RSD is in my upper left extremity, They gave me cortizone shots--which they say I know am allergic to cortizone because of the bad reactions that I had. They then tried lidocaine, & alas no relief. They did triple phase bone scans (which my dr. says was a joke, because they didn't even do that test on the specific left shouder--they just did a full body scan!) :rolleyes: So I had a repeat one and it showed up in my upper left jaw. :eek: Well I have had alot of dental problems which could be a result from the NeROTTEN, or the RSD has spread into my left jaw. :rolleyes: I've had all the tests that you did and you must understand that the wc people don't want you to have RSD, due to the settlement. Finally one of their dr's flew over to see me, and I was pretty much bedridden at the the time. He said I had RSD and ordered the nerve blocks which was a about 18 months too late. And they hurt so bad that I'd rather give child birth1 Just kidding--but it was too late. I felt like I was a lab rat with all the injections they were giving me. :jester: Enough all ready. RSD is hard to prove, for them at least, and the more doctor's that you can get to document it the better. My pain mgt dr. said I had RSD after the 2 blocks and an EMG test, and the next day he met withmy nurse case mgr., and he changed his story and said that I didn'[t have RSD! Talk about crazy and messed up. I sympathize with what you are going through.
The best thing that you can do is try to close your case, and a tremendous stress burden will be lifted off your back. If you get SSDI and have alot of meds, (mine are $420 a month) with medicare they are now $2 a prescription. So you have to weigh all of these when you do decide to close the case. I'm just so much happier not dealing with them. :D
And as Laura mentioned the injections could have inflamed the RSD! I also would avoid a chiro, because I wa seeing one too and he snapped my neck good one day and that's when the burning pain came in like a tidal wave. I was showing color changes too way before this, as they too were denying treatments. At least with medicare, they don't deny treaments. In Feb. I have to repeat my neck MRI, because the last 2 were not good. It's now showing a possible tumor at the C6 level. :eek: But I take 1 day at a time. I hope I helped in some way, and keep us posted, or if you have anymore ?'s pleas fire away! Aloha Skooze

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