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From what you have described,it definitely sounds like at the moment of impact from that blunt force injury that started this whole mess,it does appear that a nerve was either destryed completely or at the very least suffered some very extreme damage.the symptoms you had right away would indicate that.the fact that you do indeed have atrophy would back this up as well.when you mentioned the cortisone injection,was that just one or did you have many more?I am just wondering as it really would take quite a bit or cort to actually cause any sort of atrophy.I DO really think the atrophy is from the loss of innervation.i have this happening to the fat pad on my hand at the base of the thumb/since my spinal cord was severely damaged due to a surgery that was done on the inside of my cord,i have many many bizarre secondary injuries/conditions and sensations from hell.the sns damage caused the RSD to actually appear in my R knee.
the thing is,with RSD,not all symptoms will actually show up in all 'victims".I did not actually get any big color changes with my knee til just recently and my Dx was made like a year and a half ago.i now get these reoccuring 'dots'.little blue/purple dots that will just show up and cover the R knee area only.these do not really look like actual bruising?but they have a real "dullish,almost chalky type of surface,not the more shiney type of appearance as you would see with an actual bruise under the skin.But before that started,the only 'changes" were occasional reddening of the skin from time to time.the pain,while now,is always there,used to be more intermittant.the worst is the deep burning that at times feels like someone is sitting inside the knee burning the actual flesh from the inside out with a flippin blow torch,the very deep bone ache that at times actually resembles a migrane headache inside the bone,at the head of the femur.just nasty.i do think that the reason they changed the name of RSD to complex regional pain syndrome is just because of the wide range of symptoms that are possible to actually have when you have all really depends on just what other damage has actually occured and other possible underlying conditions.with my RSD,because my pain pathway(within the thalamic tract inside the spinal cord)was severely damaged,the thalamic also governs the way you percieve hot and cold and surface pain,but i also have a condition called brown sequard syndrome that really has caused some really incredible things to happen to just my R side from just below the R breast on down,strictly on the R side only.this also has an effect on the way my particular RSD has shown itself and really contradicts some of the normal way others symptoms would present.It is all really bizarre.
but getting back to you,(sorry,sometimes I tend to ramble on,just slap me,K?)do you know the exact nerve that has been "deadened"?once a nerve becomes so damaged that it no longer actually sends out signals to anything,including the muscles it used to actually innervate,the affected muscles will just wither and you do end up with "just bone'this is what I currently have left at my thumb base,there is like no nothing there even slightly,just down to the actual when you said that it "feels' like you are actually walking on bone/you are.I lost innervation to alot of the many intrinsic muscles that make up the fine motor functions in the hand.most of this was not actually really noticable(although some was very devistating as far as making specific finger and hand movements,and some actual clawing of my fingers and hand)but what started to happen over time was the loss of very specific areas of muscle mass that now is very very apparent like the thumb base.Depending on just what actual nerve was damaged in your foot,and what it actually innervated will show itslef over time as loss of muscle your toes,my fingers are becomming much slimmer and i actually keep losing my dang wedding ring off the ring finger.

what this all boils down to though is that you DO definitely have some form of the CRPS,just given your symptoms.They are all 'RSD-ish".The main thing here though is that your new pain doc knows this and appears to be treating you in a much more aggressive manner than any of the other docs had.he is doing the 'right' things as dictated by an actual Dx of RSD,as opposed to before,when they were just treating symptoms and not an actual Dx of something,do you know what I mean?this could also be the key to actually being able toobtain disablity benefits should the need arise.having an actual Dx of RSD now,since they changed the criteria,is a huge plus now for any actual RSD patient.hopefully now that you have a good PM who knows what the heck he is actually doing,things will at the very least,become a bit more stable for you.I do feel for ya.this all just soooo sucks!good luck.Marcia

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