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Hi SunnyCal! Sounds like you're in a catch 22. I could think of better words. A Big Dilema you might say. Your Blue Cross probably won't cover him because it is a prexisiting conditon, I would presume--unless he had any medical paid by them since he has had RSD. I could think of an easy solution but not maye duable. But first, why doesn't his pain mgt. dr. take medicare? I assume you are in California, but over here, doctor's would take medicare over medicaid anyday, because they pay on time. :rolleyes: I'm in sort of a pickle myself, and this month when they repeat my MRI that in July is now showing a possible tumour where they did my neck surgery at C6-C7, if I do have the C word in addion to RSD, then I already know how the govt. operates. My daughter who receives survivor benefits from her dad, when combined with my SSDI, I make too much to qualify for medicaid by $17 a month. If I have to, & I don't want to, but with cancer my home and all my assets would be eaten up by medical bills. If I didn't combine my daughter's income with mine, I would receive free medicaid--but she couldn't live with me.
She would have to live with say my sister. What I was thinking of your situation is if you to were to seperate or divorce for medical benefits, would this be out of the question? You could still live together, and you own the home, but his income would then be seperate from yours, and he would qualify for medicaid. I know it sounds hasrsh, but you need to protect yourself. RSD over the long run will have huge medical bills in the long run as any chronic illness will. I attended seminars on this subject.
My other suggestion is tell your attorney to redo the amount including your discounted medicare medical bills and the prescription drugs. Since medicare has taken over, my meds are about $50 more a month than they used to. The other downside to this is if he doesn't sign up for medicare by 5/31/06, he'll be penalized by 1% each year or month, that he didn't take it, just like medicare Part A & B. See if you weren't married your incomes would be seperate. Also Medicare counts one home for free, but with medicare and medicaid you can own as many autos as you want to, and they don't count them as an asset. I currently own 5 cars. When I found out that I might have cancer, I did my homework. I would definitly consult an attorney on this matter or a financial planner, before signing anything. I hope I helped somewhat, believe me it's a complex case, as most of do have with different variables. Have your tried calling social security? Good luck and keep us posted . Aloha Skooze

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