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[COLOR=Magenta]Hi Everyone,

Yet again I need your help, your opinions and anything else you can think of. I had an appointment with an Anestesiologist (forgive my spelling) yesterday and he was fantastic!! He knew volumes about RSD which he informed me is now being called CRPS. Actually this was the first doctor of the many I've seen who actually knew what he was talking about and believed I was in pain. Anyway, he suggested that a Lumbar Sympathetic Block might help with my debilitating pain and I was wondering if any of you have had it. How painful is the procedure? Did it help? Anything you can tell me will be great!!!

Marie[/COLOR] :wave:
I had the procedure. It is for people with lower extremity RSD or CRPS (nerve damage). It is a little painful, although they do put a short needle with local anesthetic in before they do the lumbar. Really not bad. However, in my case the procedure did not work. Many people have great relief and after several blocks some are pain free. Each person is different. If the anesthesiologist is experience at giving them they should be no problems arise. They try to hit the spot where the nerve that is affected connects to the spine so that are is numbed and the pain messages do not get through. With CRPS your injury has healed but the central nervious system/brain/ nerve connection have not shut down the cycle of pain and in fact amplify it. They are not sure why but if they can break the cycle, the brain may stop sending pain messages. That is why it is important to get this done as early as possible after onset of CRPS. If it has spread or become very bad over time, it is harder to break the cycle. For me pool exercise withe a floatation belt and stretching after has helped me the most and kept my drug load down to a very reasonable level. If the block does not work for you or even if it does I suggest you try this. Hard at first but eventually you may have increased mobility, less pain and prevent your muscles from atrophy. Good luck.

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