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I too do not think they can fire you if you are injured on the job. If you are turned down by WC they might say they fired you for not doing your job. Of course, you are really injured and can't do it, but you really need to prove it to WC and then as far as I know, your company has to support you. I live in Canada but there is WC here too and my sister was injured 17 years ago in a fall at work. Took some time off at the time but continued to work with pain for 17 years - her hips finally gave out and she was disabled. The WC lawyer she got was a specialist who only dealt in WC cases and knew the law backwards and forward and he got her full benefits, early retirement and all medical paid, including scooters, lifts etc. You have to get a lawyer that specializes and really knows how WC works and the games they play and how to counter them and how to document your injury and disability. You also need to go to a pain management doctor that specializes in RSD/CRPS. Not all Pain Management docs know a lot about RSD. Some specialize in the back or cancer or some other ailment. I know this sound like a lot but take one day at a time. I don't have all the symtoms of RSD but I had intense burning pain and extreme sensitivity to clothes toughing me, but they tried to give me a nerve block right into the damaged nerve. It was supposed to take away the pain if I only had a mild form of neuropathy but instead it made it 10 times worse and I ended up in the hospital. The pain doc said this proved I had RSD, but i would not recommend you try it. I too had weakness in my leg and went to the pool and saw a kinesiologist at first who assessed me and set up and exercise program for water exercises with floatation belt in the deep end and got the muscles to work properly and built up my stamina. Used crutches to get there at first, then a cane, but it sure helped. A good start is to do a search on the internet using the words RSD and Association. That should take you to a site that has lots of information on symptoms, diagnosis and treatment and many articles written by doctors on case studies. Check out other sites too. I have check hundreds in a search for the truth and I printed out the relevant ones and gave them to my lawyer. 8 binders of them in the end. Helped me win my case again the car insurance company. Just in case you don't have RSD, try putting words that describe your symptoms into the search bar and see what comes up. But get to a good Pain Mangement doc and go to Kinesiologist to see if you can get your legs working properly. Good luck. Laura.

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