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Hi Beage,
I am Michelle, and I have had RSD for five/six months now. It happened after a work accident too. I have been covered by wc, but they are starting the fight, and I am prepared with my lawyer.
My RSD is in my left leg, started with knee, and spread to my foot and up my leg. I too, for the first month, did what the doc told me too and tried to deal with the pain and work full time on crutches. I went to an ortho, who sent me to pain doc, who did a 3 phase bone scan, which was positive for RSD, and had 2 lumbar blocks. And now with a new doc, I am scheduled for a third block.
I am on many meds, even though before this i too did not take much medicine. but the pain is still unbearable. I am on 2400mg of neurontin, 50mcg of duragesic patch, 200mg celebrex, 60mg paxil, and 40mg of cymbalta. some are for pain, some for depression.
I was told that I will probably never walk without assistance again. I have had crutches for the five/six months with this, and my arms are hurting too, despite the pain meds. So now I am in a wheelchair, cause the crutches hurt too much to use.
I do pool therapy, every day of the week. It is hard to get things moving, and most days the pain is so bad in my leg that I wish that they would cut it off.
I am in counseling, and learning to manage the pain.
I pray that you find a good doctor, do whatever you can to keep the leg moving and strong. You can learn to manage the pain, and hopefully will not need many meds.
Best wishes for healing and relief of your pain.

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