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Aloha Lady's! :wave:
Was this a side effect of neROTTEN too? :confused: Weight gain. I am glad that it helps with the burning pain, but the wieght gain can cause more depression, lack of self esteem, Is this really the answer?????? I'm still so leary about trying out new drugs. I read in my newsletter that they are testing a new drug for RSD called lenalidomide for pain associated with this disease(RSD), It's a trial run under a 12 week controlled study. And they pay for expenses occurred such as travel and hotel. One option out there. I have not looked into this. I have not had the time to look into this. :rolleyes: Too much drama in my like now.
I'm just so leary of Lyrica, because it is made by Pfizer that into'd NeRotten, that I'm sure there are side effects that mimic the neurontin. All they did was probably alter one molecul and call it a new drug. We are the guinea pigs here, but if you think about it someone has to be. We are so desperate to find that magic pill. Hopefully together, we can help rfind that magic pill--but we al know it is just a dream. :rolleyes: Hope everyone is haveing a warm & safe night. Aloha Skooze :) PS Sunny how is your court battle going?
Just found this RSD site. I have had RSD for over 10 years brought on by a broken wrist and I have been taking Neurontin for 8 of the 10 years along with elival. Doctors back 10 years ago really didn't understand RSD and only had me on pain meds for two years. I have never had any side effects from Neurontin or elival.The only thing I regret was having the wrong PT at the time and my right hand's fingers except for the thumb is atrophied. The swelling went down about two years after the accident and the RSD has not gotten any worse.
Hi There, I too have been classified with RSD from CTS surgery 3 yrs. ago because of a nicked median nerve during surgery. They say it only happens 1x per 1000 ops. I looked into medical negligence but the Drs. from 2 other states say there was not much of a case. Well so much for Drs. opinions. I have been on neurotin at increasing levels I am up to 1800mg a day along with tramadol 3xday, I also take lunesta at night level 3 and 150 mg of wellbitrin 2xday it helps with my attitude and the depression. Recently Lycra was added 300mg a day and I have not noticed it to be of any help I have also had a lot of headaches and I'm putting on the poundage I also have been much more irratible. I see my pain Dr. tomorrow and I am going to request to stop the lyrica. I wear protective covering on my hand 24/7. I take Aleve sometimes when the pain is to great 2-4 tablets usually help somebut it never really goes away completely. I wish you the best of luck and I too welcome you aboard as I am also new to the boards and am tired of the pain. I do have a question out there for anyone can a Dr. be sued for pain and suffering and loss of happyness even without the proof of negligence? (I.E. OJ Simpson case after the not guilty trial). I hope to chat again soon and have a good if you can, coach
Aloha Everyone! :wave: I've been too busy and my New Year's resoultion was no more drama. RIGHT>> :rolleyes:
Laura I'm glad that the lyrica is working well for you. Sounds to me like something I am going to try this month after seeing all the pros and cons on the thread I posted about is Lyrica better than NeROTTEN. ;) I'm even happy that you cut down on your clonmazepam. I can't even miss a dose of my soma--they are similar right?, because my left hand curls up into that claw like fixture and hurts. Don't know if my last MRI said that no tumour but severe degenerative disc disease, but my neck and left shoulder arm arm have really been killing me lately along with my left jaw. We've been having major flooding and tornados and snow these last 2 weeks on Maui, yes unusual, but the damp cold coulod be playing a role in the pain. Hard to say but the weather is to stay like this for 2 more weeks :eek: Talk about alot of grouchy tourists.
Welcome Footballcoach to the boards! Where you once a former football player too? If I were you I would stop the Neurontin first. Call Pfizer the drug company that makes that and Lyrica and ask them if Neurontin is approved for RSD! They'll tell you straight out No, only for shingels and as a med in cojuncture with another for seizures. Of all the meds I've taken that one was the worst For a few it works, but for the majority it hasn't. To your question about the malpractice suit--why are you asking your doctor's about suing for malractice. That is a no no :nono: You're doctors will raise their eyebrows and it will go down on your record and they will be leary of treating you. You ask an attorney these questions. Also were you injured on the job or in an auto accident? Personal injury lawyers you will find are better off in getting pain and suffering in settlements than work comp. With work comp they have their own rules. Hope this helps.
Hi Sunny-- sorry I haven't heard about your big delima either and where you are at with the buy out. Sorry to hear that the lyrica is putting the weight on you though.Did the neurontin? 30 pounds is alot and I too would feel depressed. I want to try it for the burning pain. I still do my STS treatments 5 times a week but I think my stress level is sky high--in fact I know it is. I kicked my daughter's free loader boyfriend out than he got evicted and moved back in and now I'm at my wits end :mad: He say's he's stranded until his dad moves here. He's not his mom live 20 minutes away. Plus he doesn't work and he is sprouting on my couch like a weed. Sleeps till 2 PM and isn't working. UUUURRRGGGHHHH. Even my 14 year old hates home. What home?
I gotta stop grinding on it now . Bit Sunny I'm curious on how the proceding are going your case.
Well everyone as usual I gotta start dinner for the wolves. I hope everyone else has a better day and week than me. Aloha Skooze.
Hi Skooze,
Just to let you know, Warmnsunny is a different person; I post as Sunnycal (as in California). But thank you for thinking about us. My husband is the one with RSD. He switched from Lyrica to Topamax because the WC insurance doctor said that the Lyrica might be causing his hands to tremble (and refused to authorize him to go to a neurologist to check it out). The Topamax has been a disaster. For the first few weeks, he was sleeping until 5:00 in the afternoon. He still has the tremors somewhat and his leg muscles are weak. He is light-headed and the pain is not any better. One benefit, I suppose, is that he has lost his appetite and lost 8 pounds. We see the doctor tomorrow, and plan to tell him we want to stop it. My husband may go back on the Lyrica.
We received a new offer from Worker's Comp. It is for substantially less than the first offer because they added in the prescription benefits. That left them less to buy an annuity with, so the monthly payments are less. We are having a lawyer review it to see if it seems reasonable. We are not in court, just dealing with the adjustor.
Hope you can get rid of some of your stress, Skooze.
Hello everyone
I have been away and feeling like yuck for so long....

Skooze, hello and thank you so much for your sharing of info and stuff. I really think you should try the Lyrica, the burning is really down for me except for just after i wake and just before i should be done for the day and sitting on the bodys little reminder. If it is the Lyrica making me gain weight, I believe it is slowing my metabolism, i eat healthy, but i do not eat alot or often, and not eating is as bad as overeating due to metabolism. If you dont eat, your body starts storing the fat. Wonder what i can put in my coffee to be considered eating?? more milk maybe??
I am so sorry that your home has been opened as a hotel. You are a wonderful person to feel so responsible for others, especially when taking care of yourself as you do. I would spray some weed killer on the roots of that weed on your couch soon. :jester:
Sorry if my name confusd you with sunnycal... i understand confusion as we all

Welcome football coach, glad you have found this board, I have been a short while, but there is so much here for us.

Welcome to lorriem too- Glad you are here too!

To Laura- thank you so much for doing your test! Gaining wait and then working on losing it and acheiving it are wonderful!!! I agree with you about the metabolism and eating well. I do not have access to indoor pool at this time, although I love the water and will be in the pool in the summer. I have a treadmill at home that i try and use for an hour a day...sometimes i dont quite feel like it, but I still do for a little while. I have since dropped 8 pounds myself since i was last on here, so every little bit helps....i think i just woke up one day and said whoa, where did that stomach come from? Am i pregnant?? I did not see a gradual just popped!!

Sunnycal- Oh how i wish it were warmnsunny here in michigan like it is in sunny cali, although, i think weather all kooky right now in your neck of the woods, along with skooze!! I wish your husband a good day and wish you an enjoyable one as well.

For myself, I am on a Dr visit hiatus for a couple weeks....I have my PT, but pain clinic stopped the blocks and has given me a cream to apply which basically contains the same things as the stellate blocks, but since they tried a different block, to diagnose, AGAIN! I am experiencing burning, swelling, and severe stabbing in my left neck, throat and ear. I have an appointment in a couple weeks with a neurologist that supposedly has RSD patients. I try and interviw the drs before i go, but you cannot get in to see them and sometimes the office staff can be so unhelpful about the information i am asking.
And my meds have increased....more pills, that should do it!

I had my IME last week too. I was happy that the appointment day was a bad day for me all around. My pain levels were high, I was swollen, my left side of my body is higher than my right side. I am visibly suffering from RSD symptoms. Sounds weird to say I was happy, but I was. The doc was nice, I filled out all the paperwork with lots of help( i told him...and i did!!) and even had my reports for him clipped together for ease of his looking over. I did not do as much as i would have done in the past, i didnt wan't to seem on top of everything too much...and believe me im not, thanks skooze for the filing help still in the process, but by doctor is a great way!
anyhow, funny how he does not work for the insurnce company, but he did ask what i did for money for living AND i cannot get a copy of the report from them. I have to go through my insurance company to get a copy of the report...hmmmm
oh yea, they would not let my friend in with me...we were abit upset about that, but they were firm. I always try and have someone with me, I forget lots of things and do get confused easily when talking...i forget what i was answering and go off til i look at the person and say, "what was your question? im used to it...

Well, enough for now.. I wish everyone a low pain day!!


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