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Aloha Everyone! :wave: I've been too busy and my New Year's resoultion was no more drama. RIGHT>> :rolleyes:
Laura I'm glad that the lyrica is working well for you. Sounds to me like something I am going to try this month after seeing all the pros and cons on the thread I posted about is Lyrica better than NeROTTEN. ;) I'm even happy that you cut down on your clonmazepam. I can't even miss a dose of my soma--they are similar right?, because my left hand curls up into that claw like fixture and hurts. Don't know if my last MRI said that no tumour but severe degenerative disc disease, but my neck and left shoulder arm arm have really been killing me lately along with my left jaw. We've been having major flooding and tornados and snow these last 2 weeks on Maui, yes unusual, but the damp cold coulod be playing a role in the pain. Hard to say but the weather is to stay like this for 2 more weeks :eek: Talk about alot of grouchy tourists.
Welcome Footballcoach to the boards! Where you once a former football player too? If I were you I would stop the Neurontin first. Call Pfizer the drug company that makes that and Lyrica and ask them if Neurontin is approved for RSD! They'll tell you straight out No, only for shingels and as a med in cojuncture with another for seizures. Of all the meds I've taken that one was the worst For a few it works, but for the majority it hasn't. To your question about the malpractice suit--why are you asking your doctor's about suing for malractice. That is a no no :nono: You're doctors will raise their eyebrows and it will go down on your record and they will be leary of treating you. You ask an attorney these questions. Also were you injured on the job or in an auto accident? Personal injury lawyers you will find are better off in getting pain and suffering in settlements than work comp. With work comp they have their own rules. Hope this helps.
Hi Sunny-- sorry I haven't heard about your big delima either and where you are at with the buy out. Sorry to hear that the lyrica is putting the weight on you though.Did the neurontin? 30 pounds is alot and I too would feel depressed. I want to try it for the burning pain. I still do my STS treatments 5 times a week but I think my stress level is sky high--in fact I know it is. I kicked my daughter's free loader boyfriend out than he got evicted and moved back in and now I'm at my wits end :mad: He say's he's stranded until his dad moves here. He's not his mom live 20 minutes away. Plus he doesn't work and he is sprouting on my couch like a weed. Sleeps till 2 PM and isn't working. UUUURRRGGGHHHH. Even my 14 year old hates home. What home?
I gotta stop grinding on it now . Bit Sunny I'm curious on how the proceding are going your case.
Well everyone as usual I gotta start dinner for the wolves. I hope everyone else has a better day and week than me. Aloha Skooze.

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