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Aloha Lady's! :wave:
Was this a side effect of neROTTEN too? :confused: Weight gain. I am glad that it helps with the burning pain, but the wieght gain can cause more depression, lack of self esteem, Is this really the answer?????? I'm still so leary about trying out new drugs. I read in my newsletter that they are testing a new drug for RSD called lenalidomide for pain associated with this disease(RSD), It's a trial run under a 12 week controlled study. And they pay for expenses occurred such as travel and hotel. One option out there. I have not looked into this. I have not had the time to look into this. :rolleyes: Too much drama in my like now.
I'm just so leary of Lyrica, because it is made by Pfizer that into'd NeRotten, that I'm sure there are side effects that mimic the neurontin. All they did was probably alter one molecul and call it a new drug. We are the guinea pigs here, but if you think about it someone has to be. We are so desperate to find that magic pill. Hopefully together, we can help rfind that magic pill--but we al know it is just a dream. :rolleyes: Hope everyone is haveing a warm & safe night. Aloha Skooze :) PS Sunny how is your court battle going?

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