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You are speaking about the "mirroring" effect of RSD. Somehow when the pain messages travel through the central nervious system (spine) they jump to the nerves serving the opposite limb. A fairly sure sign of RSD if the other limb has now been injured. Yes physio therapy helps. It maintains circulation, muscle tone, and if the Physio has experience with RSD can reduce the RSD pain. My experience was not so good with Physio even through he had experience. I was not on any drugs at the time and although he believed I had it my doctors would not confirm the diagnosis so i was not on any drugs and therefore was in too much pain to exercise the way I should have. Once I got on the proper drugs for me, i developed my own exercise program with the help of a Kinesiologist in deep water wearing a floation belt and this has enable me to have an impact free, full workout with has increase my muscle tone and the mirroring has subsided (it also spread to other parts of my body when I had a small operation on my leg but that is another story and it too is gone). Exercise is mandatory to me, but get your pain levels down as fair as you can so you can do a proper workout. I now take less medication than I did when I was first diagnosed. Laura

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