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:wave: Hi Tryin and welcome to the boards I myself as everyone else I'm sure is so tired of this pain of RSD. I know my RSD has spread within the last two yrs I have dealt with it. For myself this started out nearly three yrs ago as a little knee injury at work, two months max I should have been out of work! So thanks to good ol California WC system delays and who knows maybe the surgery itself here I am now in the worst pain I've ever felt in my life shooting through my entire body and not a damn person believes me! The fire slowly starts on my ears then out of no wheres enpowers my entire face and then just goes down my arms, back, legs and feet!! I have to say my face and feet are the worst I have the gabapentin cream I can put on my face but with that being so strong I can only apply it to two areas so I rather have it on my face. I went to a AME (agreed medical exam) that wc sent me to and the doctor dx me with RSD in 1/05 and said it was urgent I get nerve block to treat my condition. So as of this date I going into the courts to battle it out to get some sort of treatments. I think my condition is far beyond blocks my right foot is almost inpossible to walk on the swelling is keeps getting worsts and the reds spotting is covering more and more. So Tryin...yes I do say RSD does spread! now if it can be stopped or put into remission I have no idea it hasn't been done for me yet! I hope you see better days. Take care

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