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thank you so much for your reply.It really helps to get advice from someone who is going through this.I told my husband that we would go ahead and see avout ssd and get the process started I know that that is a long process I went through it in 1999 and didn't receive disability until 2001.{mine was due to back problems and nerve damage} but the sooner you get going the better off you are I guess. I read him your answer to my post and he is very thankful to you for all your advice.He still dosen't exactly understand about it I'm doing research but he seems to think it will all go away with time and he can go to work somewhere and be fine.{he's stubborn} I mean im all for him being able to work if he can but with the situation he's in now it dosen't make sence to go get a job somewhere else lose his insurance espically with him going into ltd and then not be able to work later and lose everything. we go to the Y and he does the stationary bikes and the treadmill and leg pushes and winds up hurting after this bad for him? should he stop? I know I am asking alot of questions but I want to protect him from doing anything that could be worse. Also he is going to the same pain clinic that I go to{not the same doc though unfortunatly} but this doc specializes in rsd patients he is ok but to me he seems almost overly cautious espically with meds. I know what it is like to live with pain constantly and sometimes pain meds are your best friends but richard{thats my husband}says as long as he can do without he will{again...stubborn} I read several reports about the areas that are affected I just don't understand why your bones are affected? I know that when we go back to the pain doc I am going to have richard ask for a dose increase of lyrica.he is on 75mgs 2x day the doc said he was going to start him low and build but he has been on it for 6 weeks and he says he feels nothing. I myself take neuroton{sp} I have been on 800mgs 3x day and would die without it but I don't think that neuroton works as good with rsd as lyrica
I don't know but I know that the 75 mgs of lyrica are not working for him....he just needs to learn to speak up but he has always been very quiet. so ........ Sorry for talking{?} so much it's just nice to talk to someone with some knowledge.
thank you SO MUCH!
beth ;)

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