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Hi Sheri! It's been almost a month since I've been on the boards, and believe me I've gone through my withdrawls from the great support here, of not being in touch. Too much drama in my life now which DOES NOT help the RSD. What part of Nebraska are you from? I was born and raised in the Big O and now live in Maui.
I sympathize with your burning pain. Neurontin, which I nicknamed NeROTTEN, is one of the worst drugs out there for us RSD'rs. Brain fog, memory loss, walking into walls, unstable sleeping patterns, slurring your words, and vision--not to mention dental problems are all attributted to this drug. I have not tried Lyrica, but I think it would be a better choice than the N drug. I've read on this board that both Lyrica and Neurontin cause weight gain, maybe do to the lack of wanting to do anything. If you don't move it you lose it. And like my massuesse always said if you complain long enough they will want to cut it off! :jester: Meaning where it hurts the most. I also think that Lycrica is better for the burning pain, from what I've read here. Research what you can and take notes before seeing your PM dr. Have you tried sleeping with the burning extremity uncovered? That seemed to help me. My prayers are with you. Aloha Skooze

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