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Seeing Pain Dr
Apr 18, 2006
I'm not new to RSD, have had it for about 3yrs, since my surgery on the left hand ended up severing the ulnar and median nerve which had to be taken care of so I ended up with this mess on top of the left hand not working correctly. I also have bi-lateral carpal tunnel, which surgeries haven't worked for. I see the pain dr tomorrow to talk about pain med. I took Neurontin but didn't work for me and my being a drug phobic type of person I didn't stick with it. Drugs scare me if I stay on them too long. I also have polyneuropathy and a host of medical conditions that are more annoying than life style changing. What is a good med that can at least take the edge off, without putting me in a stupor??? My RSD is now climbing up my arm, use to be just the hand and wrist, but in the last two months it has climbed to the middle of my forearm. I don't have the severe burn or stab all the time, my fingers feel like sausages, I get a pressure like feeling, like when they take your BP and then don't let out the air kind. My main symptom is a dull to sharp deep ache in the wrist and palm now radiating to the forearm. Most of it is still in the wrist, touching it makes the nerves zing to the tips of the fingers. my rheumy suggested Ultram ER for the pain but we would wait to see what the pain Dr says. anyone try Ultram ER as well as Lyrica or whatever?? Oh and I'm not exactly a spring chicken anymore(58) so the arthritis in the hands isn't helping pain management either. I still do 4mi walks three times a week to at least keep my bottom half of body in shape, can't walk the dog anymore do to the hands but I'm keeping active!! Are there different degrees of RSD? From what I read here it sounds excruciating all the time, mine is that half of the time.

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