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Hi there - Neuropathy is a generic term for pain from nerves. Diabetics get neuropathy pain in their feet as a result I think of poor blood flow over time. It is similar to the burning of RSD but I don't think it spreads nor is there as much sensitivity to touch etc. Also shingles is a form of neuropathy I think caused by the chicken pox virus reactivating itself in later life and attacking the nerve endings. Again the reaction is different with I believe itching, severe rash and pain. Diabetics use Neurontin and Lyrica the same as RSD or CRPS. I am surprised at the drugs you are on. Ibpropen I would not believe strong enough to kill RSD pain, nor do I believe it acts the same way as other drugs that I have heard used. Anti-convulsives like Neurontin, Lyrica, Clonazepam etc seem to decrease the firing of the nerve endings which is causing the pain. Makes sense as that is what they do for epileptics but the nerves they calm are in the brain. They all operate differently so you can take more a little of each if that works better than all of one. Lyrica is the newest and from my experience the most effective, but costly. I take all three in smaller doses. If you are new to this I will tell you from my experience to not be afraid of the drugs. You will not move you limb if you are in severe pain and the muscles will shrink and it will be hard to get them back. RSD or CRPS people must exercise, and stretch a lot to prevent shrinkage and shortening and keep the blood flowing. That is impossible when you are in severe pain. Water is very soothing for many and they find they can really work out when they are in deep water. It decreases the burning and over time has a lasting effect. Ice is bad but cold packs wrapped in a soft cloth may be good - works for me. Try to go to a pain management doctor and get on the right drugs and exercise as much as you can, either through dry land PT if you can handle it or water therapy. Time is important - the longer you wait, the harder it will be and more likely you are to have spreading and long term problems. Some of the people on this board got hit hard right from the get go, some did not get diagnosed properly and the RSD got away on them. When I first got this I read all I could and researched the RSD Associations that have reams of good information and the sites for the hospitals that treat this. Good Luck. Its hard but it is possible to make progress with this terrible disease.

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