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New to rsd
May 4, 2006
hi, i am new to rsd, unfortunately. i had a workers comp injury in 2000 that resulted in disc hernations. i had 4 surgurys since 2001. the last was in november and that is when i developed this unusual pain never before felt. as soon as i awoke from my surgury, my hell began. my doctor said it was because he took the disc off my spinal cord and the ain would shorly go away. that was 6 months ago and things have gotten worse. i am in constant pain and haven't been the same since. i am moody, forgetful and always want to stay in bed. i have seen many doctors including neurologists ect and none have any answers for me. it was actually a phsisitian and physical therapist who told me of rsd after i complained about very weird symptoms. the rsd is affecting my hands(both) and my left forearm and left elbow, it seems to be worse on my left side. I have been trying to find a specialist of rsd in my area of connecticut but there seems to be none. i take many pills each day. cymbalta, valium, vicodan, and neurontin (my family calls it ur' rotten because of the stinky side effects) talk about hurting someones feelings. also i take lidoderm patches. i am desperate for help or for someone close to me to understand my pain. my mother n law, who i am very close to me does not want to listen. my hubby tries to be supportive as do my children but they just don't understand. i try not to complain but i feel like i'm losing my mind. i need help. i would never do anything to harm myself but i now have a better understanding for people who feel like giving up. there are no support groups in the state of connecticut or even close to my location, i don't know much about this forum but i just need to vent to anyone willing to listen. obviously, everyone on this web sight is in the same boat as me and many, probably much worse. i feel guilty for complaining as at least i can still walk, talk, see and hug my children. anyone who reads this, please give me some advice. thank you, pattihabs.

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