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Re: New to rsd
May 5, 2006
Hello, I feel your pain. I got hurt at work too and it is a workers comp case. My pain is in my foot/ankle and I believe I am either in stage 2 or possibly beginning of stage 3, but my drs won't say except stage 1. Yeah right! We have lots in common to say.....1st....workers comp.........mine has paid for support group here in Florida.........3rd...........finally found this board with others who feel my pain.............4th..........I take Topomax 100mg daily mixed with Lyrica 750mg daily. I had tried almost everything......Neurotin (friends called it Morontin), Liproderm patch, their was also another patch can't remember the name. I am now trying to get a Meditronic Neurostimulator Temp unit, but I am having a very hard time with the drs, pysch dr and Meditronic for approval. Figure that one because workers comp already approved the device. My pain is such that I can't put on a sock, shoe, wear pants, sleep in bed with the covers over my foot or feel a brisk breeze from the fan go across my foot. Drives me insane! My family was forced to sell our house and move in with my inlaws due to decrease in financial status. Thank god for my wife who has stood by me with support even though the rest of the family think I am useless now. Good luck and email if need a shoulder to listen.
Re: New to rsd
May 7, 2006
Hi Patti and welcome ro the boards! :wave:
We have alot of similar pain in the you know what. I had a neck injury and started showing RSD before the surgery, and my doctors never told me about RSD., but I was showing all the symptoms and they felt the surgery would cure
it! NOT!!!!!!
I have RSD in the upper left extremity like you, and wwhat I have have discovered is the dr's are afraid to label you with RSD!!! :eek: I've seen too many dr's, but it was my pt who first dx'd me with RSD, because after my long awaited wc surgery, my RSD signs were more prenounced. I WOULD SOAK THE SHEETS, and he flunked me 3 times before saying>> that he could not help me.
I , too like others on this board, take a coctkail of meds--and NeRotten was the worst!!!! :eek: Your relatives have named it just as appropiate! Get off that drug ASAP!!!!! Lyrica is a beter drug, though I have never tried it out, but I just got the new RSD mailing, and they swear by it hands down. Plus others on the board seem to have better results in controlling the nerve pain without thte ditzy feling the NeROTTEN does. ;)
As far as a support group goes----you have the best here, and no ? is too stupid to ask, or you willl get POSITIVE FEEDBACK IN ANY ? YOU MAY HAVE!!
Again welcome top the boards and it is late for me say goodnight and good luck. Aloha Skooze :angel:

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