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Just what other health issues are you dealing with?Cathy,RLS stands for restless leg syndrome.

There are many many possible triggers for RLS some can be med related and some can be because of some sort of an actual condition or injury.i DO have the RLS in my legs and a very specific area in my RSD knee(very strange really)that has a certain level of RLS type of component.but my RLS and spasticity stem from a spinal cord injury.I think that is my big trigger.

Do you have any sort of actual spinal cord issues going on somewhere?some people get RLS and really never know why.some docs attribute it to stress and anxiety(the old catch all for everything that cannot be actually well explained?)

The best thing that I have tried that actually works for me is to take valium with my nite meds about an hour before I go to bed.this really helps keep the RLS down to a minimum.I do really have some pretty intense spasticiy tho and for some bizarre reason when my bladder is really like over full at night?thats when the RLS and the horrid spasticity really seem to hit their peak.once I go to the bathroom(this happens every single nite two times,like clockwork)I can go right back to bed and fall right back to slep.its all just a bit wierd.

You can also try using benedryl too before bed,this is what I used to use way back before I was finally started on the valium.

just in case you haven't noticed yet,there is an RLS board here that has some really good helpful info on things that have worked for some people to kind of settle down their worst RLS related symptoms.i know what you are going thru with this,it really does cause some really bad sleep issues.

as far as the RLS actually stemming from RSD? that would really be hard to say.I can tell you tho that in all of the actual research I have done on RSD,i have not actually seen anyone really mention a ny sort of an RLS component included in their list of symptoms.Like I already mentioned before,unfortunetly,this could be stemming from many different possibilities.all you can really do(since actually pinning down thwe real cuprit might never be known)is try different meds or other things to try and at least knock it down some so it isn't keeping you awake at night and driving you insane.

I hope you can find something that will help.I really would try the benedryl first to see if this does maybe have an effect on your symptoms.If that doesn't work,then just talk with your doc about possible alternatives.I really do hope something will work for you and soon.please keep us posted,Marcia
Hi Marcia, and thank you. I have heard of restless leg syndrome but I would have never come up with that on my own when thinking of things RLS could stand for. I'm glad you've found some relief for your symptoms, it sounds like a miserable syndrome to have.

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