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Thank you for taking time to read my post...

My question is... If your on workers comp, and you have no outside medical insurance, will workers comp continue to help you?

My RSD started right after I had Carpal Tunnel surgery. RSD, developed right away in my right arm. Now I have it full body this has been confirmed by 6 doctors. :eek:

I had applied for SSI or SSD and I didnt qualify for either of it. (have'nt worked long enough) I do have a lawyer working on it and I've been lurking on different boards about people setteling there cases with Workers Comp.

Workers Comp, so far has done everything all my doctors requested. I'm heading toward my 2 yr mark with Workers Comp. Has there been anyone, that you know of that doesnt have medical insurance, that Workers Comp, close there case. :confused:

Also, if Workers Comp Settle someone's case... is it enough money to help them though the rest of there lives. Sorry if my questions seem confusing.

Thank you!
Hi and thank you Skooze,

My RSD started right when I had Carpal Tunnel surgery,on my right hand. Still have carpal tunnel in my left hand... which they will not do the surgery on. I'm 18 months into having RSD and about 8 months of having it full body.

Im not too young 44 yrs old.. (wish I was younger again) ;) I didnt work outside the home till about 4 yrs ago. Worked in a resturant, then started working in a machine shop running CNC machine. This is were I started getting the carpal tunnel. Didnt realize my hands hurting, and the sleepless nights were signs of carpal tunnel. :rolleyes: Kept pushing myself to continue working.

As soon as I had the surgery I knew something was wrong with my hand... It burned from the very beginning after the surgery. Hard time moving my fingers and could'nt even touch the stitches. This continues for 6 months and I had hand theraphy, then aqua theraphy..etc.

I was told to get a lawyer which I did, also go apply for SS. I was denined this the first day... so I figured the lawyer will do the rest. I had a phyc- envaluation(sp), also. W/C has done everything so far without a fuss...
My concerns are if W/C, decides it's time to get her off.... and they want to settle. Do they give you enough to sign off of W/C or how do you get medical benefits if you dont qualifiy for medicare or other benefits. :confused:

I'm married and my kids are grown and are there own. I'm home by myself and never leave the house anymore till my husband comes home. I got approved from W/C, to do the trail of a back stimulator... I have to have a doctor check me first, then I can go and have it done. :cool:

My main concern is that when W/C wants to start settleling your case and you have full body RSD.. do they give you enough money to help you though out the rest of your life. :confused: What if W/C offers you a settlement and you dont feel it's enough.. can you refuse it. I guess these are questions I should ask my lawyer, but I thought I would ask to see if anyone else has.



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