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Has anyone used a compounded transdermal gel (Ketoprofen, Ketamine, Lidocaine, Amitripyline) for their pain? How well do the transdermal gels work to reduce pain? Are there any side effects? I'm not sure which medicine works best for bone/nerve pain, and my doctor is of no help and offers no advice.

Thanks for any information.
I ocassionally use a compounded gel of Amitriptaline, Neorontin, and Lidocaine for the burning sensation on the skin of my arm/hand. It takes a few minutes to work, but does help to lessen the burning skin sensation. It doesn't do anything for my "deep" bone/muscle pain. The only problem I have with it is that it is mixed in a vaseline-type base. This means that I have to keep my arm away from clothing, furniture, etc until it dries (about an hour) or else it stains everything. That's the hard part - trying to hold my arm away from everything for that long. I've tried wrapping an old towel around my arm after applying it, but it is less effective that way b/c the gel gets absorbed by the towel instead of my skin. I asked my PMD and the pharmacy that makes it if they can mix it in a lotion/cream base (something that absorbs better and faster than petroleum gel), but they said they can't do that.
Daylilyfan -

Thanks for the info - I will ask my PMD about contacting a different pharmacy that will use the lipoderm base. That would make a huge difference for me if the base could be a lotion instead of an oily gel.

Thanks Again!

- Lefty

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